August, 2017


Summer is over. The weather is getting cooler. The leaves will soon fall. The store shelves are full of supplies. The emails and registration is complete. Last but not least is to drop the kids of at school. First day is here!

Hope everyone had an amazing and blessed summer. Here at St. Margaret of Scotland we are thankful for your support and prayers throughout the past 2016-2017 school year. It was blessed by God’s grace and mercy. We worked very hard throughout the summer to keep the spirit alive and well through our summer school programs and summer camp programs. We worked continuosly to make sure that our 2017-2018 school year will go as smooth as possible. We are thankful to Mr. Powers for his several years of hard work and service to St. Margaret of Scotland school and community. We are excited for the new school year and the many new things to come here at St. Margaret. Some new things are: Our principal – Mrs. Davis, our new Science Lab, several new teachers and much, much more!

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This year we are really excited to continue our rigourous work with the students. Our motto for this year will be, one team, one dream, one goal. As a school we worked and prepared ourselves to give St. Margaret of Scotland school the best possible education. With your continous support we will create a foundation to build upon an amazin school year of faith and excellence! Welcome back, and lets have an amazing, God filled year this 2017-2018 school year. God Bless!

“One team, One dream, One goal”

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