The Mission: St. Margaret of Scotland

St. Margaret of Scotland

140 years of Faith, Excellence & Tradition

The mission of St. Margaret of Scotland School is to form faith-filled students who bear witness to the kingdom of God.

By instilling Christian values in a rigorous academic environment, we empower our students to excel in the classroom, live their faith, and use their God-given talents to serve the world.

Students, parents, faculty and staff serving as a faith community of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic School have  to:

  • Proclaim our belief in the values and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith while respecting the reality that our students come from diverse faith traditions.
  • Prepare students to be active members of society and life-long learners
  • Ensure that all students regardless of educational background, are able to be successful inside and outside of the classroom
  • Work collectively and collaboratively to stay active and current with professional developments and technology which will ensure that our students are receiving the best and most rewarding education possible
  • Maintain positive attitudes and remine actively engaged in the learning process

  • Be active participants within the school community

  • Advocate for every student’s education and overall success

  • Equip students with the necessary tools to thrive in the 21st century