Welcome to 5th Grade!

We are very excited to welcome you to our 5th grade family! Here are a couple of things you should know about this school year:

Teachers: Mrs. Leser will be your child’s English/Language Arts teacher. Ms. Geerts will be your child’s Math teacher. Mrs. Jones will be your child’s social studies and religion teacher. Ms. Seals will be your child’s science teacher.

Specials: Monday (Gym), Tuesday (Computers), Wednesday (Music), Thursday (Art) & Friday (Gym).

Dress: Students are to wear the St. Margaret of Scotland polo and khakis each day. Students may wear ALL black gym shoes on regular school days. There is a gym uniform that should be worn on gym days only. Students should wear white socks. Students may wear a navy blue sweater (no hood) over their polo. Shirts will be tucked into khakis, and pants will be worn with a belt.

Behavior Policy:  Your child’s behavior will be documented as they move from class to class throughout the day. We use a number system 3-2-1-0. If your child needed 3 or more re-directions, then a yellow behavior sheet will come home indicating they moved to a level 2 or below. This note needs to be signed by their guardian and returned the following school day. An afterschool detention must be served if a student receives 2 behavior notes in one week.

Technology: Students will be issued a classroom iPad that is assigned to them for the school year. These iPads will stay at school, but will travel with them from class to class. Our classroom technology allows for students to digitally collaborate with their teachers and classmates and encourages them to be an active participant in their learning!

Flexible Seating in 1:1 classroom

5th graders using digital literacy and flexible seating at St. Margaret of Scotland School Chicago.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may email Mrs. Leser at jleser@smoschicago.org or Ms. Geerts at ggeerts@smoschicago.org or Ms. Seals at dseals@smoschicago.org or Mrs. Jones at jjones@smoschicago.org.  We look forward to getting to know all of you and anticipate a wonderful school year!

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